The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge…

  Greetings Gadgeteers!!  

Here it is, 4 and a half months since I left Samsung/Android for arch rival, iPhone/iOS and with the official announcement of Samsung’s flagships of 2016 I’m being asked the question of the year…are you going back to Android now? Lol. 

Nope. I’m gonna stick with my iPhone 6s and its companions. My Apple Watch and iPad Mini 4. The last 6 years with Android was great up until the final few months with my Galaxy S6. This was the first Android device that I just became bored with. Fast. I could root, tweak and customize, but how long would that hold my attention? Keep me satisfied? Not long at all as you can see. I knew the iPhone would give me the challenge I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking trash about the Galaxy. I’m just explaining my personal experience and preference. 

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are great devices from what I’ve read so far with even greater specs than than the Galaxy S6…on paper. I need to see real world usage and comparisons. I knew that all my Galaxy devices over the years were better and faster than the plan ol iPhones I didn’t want to go back to since leaving Apple in 2009. Because the writing on paper said so, because my Galaxy had a million features and the battery was removable, the storage was expandable, etc.. I found out different once I had the best of both worlds in my possession and a bit of time to compare the two in the real world. I’m not a multi device toting person for financial and comfort reasons. Yeah, I’m poor! Lol 

Some of my ex associates don’t even speak to me because I don’t use a Galaxy device anymore, not just Android, but Samsung. They really stopped communicating with me when I got an iPhone! Well guess what? I’m keeping it and I have come to the conclusion that the Galaxy line DOES have more features than the iPhone and Android as a OS DOES do more than iOS. For me it was more about showing off the features than using them and them being useful in daily situations. So yeah, I was douche like the brand loyalists. I know it’s a matter of opinion and I’m sure that some people agree and some don’t. I came to this conclusion after side by side comparisons and usage and the iPhone just perfomed better. I hope the S7 is better than its predecessor like I thought the S6 would be.

I’m still shocked sometimes when I’m using my iPhone and realize how much time I thought I had the better device. I always compared iPhones to Stock Android, the pure stuff. Plain. Just plain. Never liked that version of Android because I was so use to all the stuff Samsung packed in their devices. It took me a while to get off of the Samsung ship because I was stuck on the brand, the camera and features. I was already beginning dislike the fact that they stop supporting devices that are still on the market too soon. Want the latest versions of Android? Get the latest Galaxy device then! It’s sad. I was excited with my Galaxy S6 for a few months after its release and then it felt like my S5, Note 4 and all the other Galaxy devices I’ve had over the years. 
Over the years I’ve become the go to guy for technical information to people that aren’t really tech savvy. I still tell them to get a Android device. I don’t recommend Samsung anymore though. Even though you have a iPhone? Yup, it’s not for everyone and it will frustrate people who like to do a whole lot on their device. Android is still the more capable OS as far as what can be done right out of the box. So far, from my experience the iPhone 6s out performs most of the newer Android devices around today. Not on paper either, Im talking real world usage. 

It all boils down to personal preference. Don’t make my opinions or anyone else’s influence your final decision when buying a nice piece of technology. Shit, you get 14 days to try a phone! Lol. Research, play around with different devices. There’s the iPhone and there’s the many manufacturers of Android devices out there. Take your time. Don’t end up mad because you followed the “cool” kids or you was afraid to admit that you liked something friend didn’t agree with. 
As usual these are just my opinions and I appreciate you all for reading them! Until next time…


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