iPad Pro: Mobile Work Station for Everyone

If you remember a while back I wrote a review about the iPad Pro and in that review I called the iPad Pro a mixed bag. It did some things really well but at the same time there were some things it did not so well. Today after having the iPad Pro for a few more months I still hold true to my previous statement, but I have moved the slider over more to the things it does really well. In preparation for an upcoming vacation I purchased a Sony A6000 mirrorless camera to have a small, really good camera to take photos. After a few test shots and realizing I could sync it wirelessly to the iPad Pro I realized with this camera, my iPhone and the Pro that I have a pretty powerful mobile workstation. Here are the major features of this setup.

First let me describe my setup. I have a 128GB iPad Pro, Sony A6000 mirrorless camera with kit lens, iPhone 6 Plus 128GB, bluetooth keyboard (not Apple), and the Apple Pencil. This entire setup will cost you about $1800.00 – the price of a new Macbook Pro with Retina + the camera. Now do not get me wrong this is not a cheap setup, but that is why I called it a work station and not tablet camera combo. I know you guys are saying well why would I not just buy the MBP with the camera and have the same thing? You could do that but it will not be as portable as this setup and here is why. The MBP is a heavy laptop compared to the iPad and when you are traveling the name of the game is lightweight as possible. Also the a6000 has a new wireless transfer system that makes it easy as pie to get the images on the iPad and share them with the world. Not to mention with Lightroom Mobile you are able to do some minor editing on the photos on your down time and have them ready to do the big edits once you are back at home. Photos are easy and a joy to manipulate with the iPad screen and Apple Pencil, something you can not do on the MBP….yet.

The next application comes with the iPhone and the iPad Pro. Upon realizing the wireless sync with the a6000, I started thinking about well what about photos and videos I took with my iPhone? Then it hit me they sync wirelessly as well to the iPad Pro, therefore on days that I need something really small and do not want to carry my Sony, then I can still have all my photos and videos back at the hotel and the great part about that is I do not have to input any effort, just open my Photos app and boom… all the photos from the day are there waiting for me to edit and share as I see fit!

If you have not noticed the name of the game is easy of use.

Now that we see how these devices work together let’s bring it on home with an explanation of the title……Workstation for Everyone. With this setup you can apply this workflow to anything…whether you are a professional content creator, a stay at home mom, professional businessman, or just a student. The word “workstation” is normally reserved for a piece of equipment or system that can handle multiple things at once, and with the this setup that is exactly what you can do. No matter if you are on vacation and you want to share those amazing photos that you had to touch up due to a little off lighting or wanted to add text over the pics, you can do that. The businessman who is out in the field and needs to fill out his report with included videos and photos of the new location for the purposed office. The student that is an amatuer film maker and wants to share his/her ideas and views with the world via Instagram. Or someone like myself who makes a living as a content creator, and on any given day can touch all aspects of the previous mentioned walks of life. For me when I was able to write this blog entry from my iPad Pro right after I used my iPhone and a6000 to share several photos to social media as well as edit a video and upload to Youtube, I realized that the iPad Pro is a PROfessional workstation, but not just for professionals but for EVERYONE.

The iPad Pro alone is still what it is….and what it is not when it is alone, but when you pair it with several devices that already rest in your ecosystem, it becomes more….it starts to take on YOUR personality. 


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