Fanboyism, label loyalists and the ones that hate everything. 

Greetings Gadgeteers and Mizfits!! I just wanna talk about a few titles that are given to certain people and groups here on the Internet. Some deny it and some are proud  These are just my opinions from seeing things on various social networks. 

   Fanboyism. What exactly is it? In my opinion its a person that only likes what they are using at the time. It’s like being with one company and praising any and everything that the company does. It doesn’t matter that you may end up with the company you hated and bashed the year before. Nope. It’s your choice and your purchase. That’s fine, but why deny the fact that you are in fact a fanboy? Females can hold this title also! It’s ok to defend your opinions and it’s fine to buy what you like. It’s not really cool to think that your choice is the best choice though. Even when facts are presented a fanboy will not back down. That’s fanboyism. 
    Label Loyalists. They’re like fanboys, but worst. They stand and defend their brand no matter what. If the brand makes a mistake, they make an excuse. If the brand changes or removes a feature that the loyalists always liked, they adapt…in the public eye, and complain to fellow loyalists about the issues that they secretly dislike. It’s ok to admit when your favorite brand did something you disliked. It happens. It’s like being deaf and telling me they heard what I said. That doesn’t make sense! 
   Everything haters. They hate any and everything that they aren’t using at the time. What do I mean? Last month HTC and PlayStation were the best phone manufacturers and gaming system. This month or this week it Samsung and XBox. HTC now sucks and PlayStation has horrible graphics. Those are the everything haters. They won’t even like another product from the same manufacturer. If they start liking the same product again they never reveal it unless they’re caught and that’s when the most far fetched excuse comes up as to why they’re back with this horrible product or company. Wouldn’t it be much easier to say, “it’s my choice, screw you!”? 

I had a long lasting relationship with Samsung and now I’m using an iPhone. It’s not the best phone in the world and neither is any Samsung phone I’ve used. I can’t claim any of these titles because I’ve always given credit when due to the competition. I’m not gonna make excuses as to why I switched. I switched because I was bored with Android and Samsung. I like the cameras on Samsung phones though. I miss it at times. There. That wasn’t hard. I did it. 

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