Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Settle

These are my thoughts…I don’t really know what to say. I have recently made the transition from a 9 to 5 worker bee to owning my own business. Yes, I am partially crazy. Why did I give up a steady job with steady pay for this madness called entrepreneurship? What the hell was I thinking especially in this economy? To be honest I really don’t know. All I knew was I hated my job as a worker bee and thought that it has to be more. I felt like I was created to give the world more than just paying insurance claims.  I woke up every morning hating that job. So much to the fact that I used to purposely be late and find excuses not to go to work or leave early. It wasn’t that I was lazy it was just the fact that I hated the job.

Owning a business is an enigma in itself. Its great because you wake up doing what you love every single day. The downside is that you work every single day! No more weekends or clock out times. Your name is on the company. It’s your reputation on the line. Being a start-up means you’re the salesman, customer service, accountant, manager, repair technician, IT, HR, and janitorial staff. You work 80 hours a week and only just paid for what seems like 20 after you pay cost of business and insurance.

So why do it? Why take on the burden of all of this? Why shouldn’t I just stay a worker bee? The answer is simple, if you wish to feel that complete satisfaction of being a free spirit. To wake up and not dread working but to lose sleep because you love it. To see a customer tell you thank you for solving a problem. Well those things right there makes it all worth it, well at least to me. And who knows if you are a dreamer like me your business may be the next company to join the ranks of the other small businesses that are now big businesses!

The intent of this blog entry, just in case I didn’t make it clear. Follow your dreams and passions and don’t settle as a worker bee.


Business owner and still a dreamer.

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