😂EmojiWorks Keyboard for iOS devices, Mac and Windows.

Check this out!! #MiztifitsReadToo!


Greeting Gageteers!!

It’s me again, Tech Life Guru and I came to talk about a nice little Bluetooth keyboard I’ve come across. It’s from a company called EmojiWorks and you can find them hereCOOL KEYBOARDS. There’s two versions of the keyboard and the price tag on each one is a bit steep compared to some wireless keyboards. Then again there’s emoji here. But you can check em out here for a few bucks cheaperStandard EmojiWorks keyboardandPro EmojiWorks keyboard. It feels pretty good while using it, it’s light but not cheap feeling. I actually did a video review and I’ll post the link a little further below after I tell you guys why I came to write about this keyboard.

The video was pretty much an unboxing and quick demo of the basics and you can see that right here 👉 Basic usage of EmojiWorks…

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