Why Do I Ride a Motorcycle? 

What’s up guys this is E, welcome to another journey with the TechnicalMizfits.
Today, I want to discuss something that I have been recently asked at least twice a week for the past month or so…”Why do I ride a motorcycle?” This answer is really simple…”Because I’m a Mizfit!” However after deeper thought I realize a lot of people ask that question for various reasons. For one, a lot of people that know me think of me as the nerd and only “bad boys” ride bikes…right? Then there are the people that know me professionally and think, “He’s a straight arrow! Never imagined him as a person that will go against the norm.” Of course, the most used one of all, “Aren’t they dangerous? Why would you want to do that?”…This is the question most of my family ask. 

So, for everyone allow me to answer this question in the most complete and thoughtful manner as possible. Listen or rather read closely this will explain it all. 
First and really I can say is the most important reason, is like a said before, “I am a Mizfit.” Notice I said Mizfit, not to be confused with a badass. For as long as I can remember, I have never followed the norm. I am the risk taker when it comes to my family. I look at big risk and big rewards. I did not say stupid risks! Everything is calculated but risky. Riding a motorcycle is one of the most risky things a person can do. Think about it, you are going at a high rate of speed without any protection that you would normally have in a car, but that is part of the fun. Now remember earlier I said no stupid risk? Well here is where I explain that. Although riding a bike is risky I make sure I take all the proper precautions to make sure I am safe as reasonably possible. Meaning I wear the proper gear: Helmet, riding jacket, gloves, and race boots. The name of the game is risk not being stupid. True these things will not 100% ensure that if involved in a crash I will survive but it gives me the best chance along with my skills to survive. 
It’s a reason why they say it takes a special type of person to ride a motorcycle, it’s not for the person afraid of the risk but for the person that will weigh those risks and still have the balls to sit on top a flammable liquid, bolted to a hot moving motor and hold it between their legs going 100MPH! 

Reason number two, comes from the sentence above this one, let’s face it riding is fun and freeing! Riding a motorcycle is one of those experiences that is just undescribable. Someone asked, “Hey, what does it feel like?” Let me try to explain in the least vulgar way as possible. Riding a motorcycle is like seeing your wife or girlfriend for the first time, and that excitement and rush you get when you know you got to say something to her because she is the one. You are a little nervous but adrenaline is pumping and it all goes to ecstasy when you ask her out and she smiles and says yes! Well that is just what you feel when you throw a leg over the bike and start it up. The actual riding experience is like seeing your wife/girlfriend naked for the first time and touching her, and it all starts over with each gear kick. Buddy you have six gears! 
The freeing part comes with you make it to that 6th gear and just feel the wind flowing through your jacket, over your outstretched fists, over and through your helmet as you listen to that motor singing the sweetest melody you have ever heard. I can’t lie the damn thing is euphoric and down right sexy at the same time. It just feels like you’re flying without a care in the world. Very few things feel better! 

The final reason why I ride is for fraternity. Once you ride a bike you realized that there are all types of people from all walks of life that ride. I have met some of the most interesting and fascinating people riding. From the old guys that been riding for decades, to the attorney that loves hitting the twists on the weekend, to the grandparents in the golden years riding across country. As a rider you are now apart of that huge family. We look out for one another. You learn so much and there is a shared bond and love for the sport. I can remember before I ever rode my bike, I was on my way from actually picking it up from the dealer. It was loaded on my truck and I was stopped at a gas station. A group of bikers rolled up and just started a conversation with me giving me tips and pointers about how to ride and be safe on the street. I have never seen these guys a day in my life and it seemed like we were good friends. I knew from there that I wanted and needed to be a part of this band of Mizfits. 

Ok guys there you have it, now you know why I decided to ride a motorcycle. It is because I am a risk taker that appreciates the euphoric and freeing feeling of being part of a fraternity of Mizfits. 
If that is too long for you guys or you still don’t get it, fine! I’m a badass that loves women and speed! 

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