This Amazing iPhone 6s metal and leather case!!

Y’all have to check this case out!!


Greetings Gadgeteers!!
It’s me again, Tech Life Guru and I just wanna drop my Amazon review about this dope case on y’all! That’s how much I like it! Check out some of my other reviews to if y’all ever get bored online watching fights and twerk videos! Lol j/k, but seriously…check me out some time!Amazon Top Reviewer

Here’s my story…

When I recieved this case I thought it was broken. When I took it out of the box I noticed the corner was cracked/opened. I was ready to return it until I looked a bit closer and noticed it was some kind of mechanism and viola!, it’s a clasp. I thought it was for a wrist strap initially, but it wasn’t.
My experiences with metal bumpers around any phone has given me signal issues and that’s what makes this case so different from the others that I’ve used. This…

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