The Bimek SLV aka The Dick Switch…

The Bimek SLV, it’s an ON/OFF switch for you balls.  That’s right guys, screw the condoms, who needs them when you can just have someone to surgically strap a light switch to your nuts so you won’t jizz?  Well, let me be the first to say that for me… It’s a big HELL NO! The Bimek SLV is made from a surgical implant plastic call PEEK-OPTIMA which is used as biomaterial in many ways; Spinal surgery, dentistry and so forth, but a dick switch created by a German Carpenter is a no go for me.  No because it’s German, not because the inventor is a Carpenter but because the only people allowed to go even remotely close to my nuts are my wife, the doctor and in the worse case scenario… The cops.  I don`t have much else to say about this but if you wanted to learn more about this product check out the video and links below and tell me what you think.



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