Enough Already w/ the cookie cutter smartphone design – Sucky Smartphone Design Edition.


 Growing up I watched rotary phones turn into beepers, beepers turned into car phones, car phones turn into cell phone with green and black screens to smartphones… Over time we found that smartphones became the sweet spot; we developed the idea of what a smartphone is suppose to be. We developed screens, the resolution, the batteries and capabilities. There were so many different designs, features, all ideas that kept the industry BOOMING! Now, it seems that the industry is stuck in the mud; the wheels are spinning but we are going nowhere! Instead having so many different options across the board we’ve come to the point where all of the phone manufacturers felt the need to stick with the brick/candy bar styled phones and just proving that they can do it better than the next company. In the industry there’s 3 main style types amongst all smartphones:

  1. Some type of hard glass front, a metal body and a 1800-3500 mAh battery
  2. A glass front and back with a metal bezel and a 2000-3500 mAh battery
  3. A glass front and a plastic backing that sometimes resembles metal

Those are the absolute 3 major designs and quite honestly… It’s #BULLSHIT! I found tons of awesome phone concepts just spilling over on the web but noooo they keep making the same shit, charging the consumer more and we are all “satisfied”. My expectations are really high, I want to see what’s new, what else can we do? I want to see something that tickles my fancy, I need to see more than a pretty screen and a fast processor I want to see the future through a new design! When will one of these companies have the balls to change the game? I would like to see a badass T-Mobile Sidekick styled device, or a clear keypad, something different man. I’m a tech fan and lately I don’t know what’s more depressing to see; a new tech release or my Atlanta Falcons on Sundays. Bottom line, the tech industry is taking the movie industry approach; just stick with what works instead of innovating and PLEASE don’t say that there’s nothing else to accomplish with smartphones because I would have to call B.S. If you want know what else you can accomplish climb out of that corporate box, interact with consumers, Google designs and hire those guys, take a poll, ask people, Think!!!! C’mon guys this is easier than you know but companies have become closed door snobs. Let’s get away from the cockiness and get back to making cool sh*t!    

I’m Stan Da Man with The Master Plan, one part of the TechnicalMIizfit clan. Hit us up, comment and tell us what you think!


3 thoughts on “Enough Already w/ the cookie cutter smartphone design – Sucky Smartphone Design Edition.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. However, the reality maybe the current smartphone technology has reached its stonewall end like all new technology do! Example, long distance communication: Pony Express to telegraph, telegraph to two-section phones clicking the hanger to get a connection, one piece receiver with a dial tone, rotary phones to push buttons, push buttons to lit push buttons…Bam!, the end of that technological stream of innovations for communicating long distances. It took four decades to get where we are now with smartphones for the masses. And that didn’t happen until the government released the microwave frequencies for public consumption in 1990. There are many other technological parallels, like flight; Wright brothers to propulsion rockets. Yes, the corporate innovators are snobs, but dumb snobs! There’s a little ‘Bill Gates’ working somewhere in his garage coming up with the next technological innovation that will revolutionize the world and satisfy your techno-geek yearnings. Just remember that how all transforming technology have been born a la Thomas Edision…

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  2. Very true, but I think there is a lot of stream left in the smartphone game. The issue now is companies are affraid to be different. In the beginning everyone was looking for an identity. Now everyone is more looking for a profit; profit isn’t bad but we need the new “iPhone”! Company take a chance play with new materials don’t be scared that your phone doesn’t look like the next.


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