2016 Macbook: Same Ol’ Apple

What’s good guys, this is E. Today I want to talk you guys about the new Macbook from Apple and well the lack of innovation from the big tech company.

This week Apple quietly updated last years Macbook. If you are not familiar it is the paper thin laptop that sits right about the Macbook Air and just below the Macbook Pro in terms of performance. Take a look at the line up below.


The claim to fame for the new Macbook this year is the “BrosGold” color (Pink if you ask me) and the slight bump in performance. Everything else is exactly the same, I guess we can call this one the 2016 Macbook “S”. This is where I starting to see a problem with Apple as a whole company.

Apple, since I have been a fan, was the company infamously known to push the envelope, innovating the latest and greatest technology so to speak; but as of lately that has not been the case. They have seemed to adopt the idea of let’s give it a slight bump in speed and change the color….boom new product!!! This is not cool at all. Don’t think I am just picking on the Macbook either this has been their MO for the past few years for their products across the board.

I say it’s time out for the small game and let’s see something that will blow us away. I appreciate a new color and speed bump just as much as the new tech lover but try something different, take a chance and give us something new. Technology has not hit a wall. It’s just that these big tech companies are afraid to once again push that envelope.

Apple here’s an idea, how about getting rid of the Macbook and Macbook Air lineup altogether and focus on bringing file management to the iPad Pro lineup. This way you simplify the product line up and maximize the ecosystem of the already popular iOS. Especially now with the more powerful iPads a lot of what can be done on these “non-pro” laptops can be achieved on the iPad. See that was easy, a new idea! Try it sometime big tech companies.

Until next time guys…#staytechdup

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