Arrela Bluetooth 4.1 Noise Cancelling Headphones

What’s going on Mizfits!? It’s me Tech Life Guru and I wanna tell y’all about these headphones that I came across on one of the many reviewers communities around the Internet. They’re some pretty nice headphones and here’s why… 

They’re wireless! They sound pretty damn good too. The only good, but bad thing is that they are very good in the noise cancellation department. You won’t want to wear these unless they’re in use. Not like the EarPod designed headphones that allow you to hear your surroundings while they’re in, but not on. You really can’t hear anything but what you are listening to or who your talking to. Personally, I don’t really care too much for the sound quality during calls though. I had them paired to my iPhone 6s and my callers said that I sound fine. On my end everyone sounds a bit muffled. Just a tiny bit. That’s my only complaint about the sound. It could be my phone or my OCD and me being use to the regular headphones which are crystal clear. They still sound awesome for what I use them for and that’s music!

They hang around your neck by the flat cord and they just dangle when your not using them. The controls are pretty simple as well. It’s automatically ready to be paired on the first power up which is controlled by a switch and not a button. That a plus. There’s 2 buttons for volume, one for muting/redialing and the power switch. The volume buttons double as a skip track button when pressed twice. Only forward though. That’s a bummer, unless I’m not doing something right. (no I didn’t read the instructions, lol)

 They’re rated “sweat proof” and I haven’t really sweated with them too much and that may actually help with my physical issue of these headphones. Wearing them the suggested way is a bit annoying on my dry neck because turning my heading sometimes pulls the opposite ear. They stick to my skin and swift head movement will cause a jerk. So I just wear them with the cord in front of me! Lol, it works for me. Maybe if my neck was sweaty from working out or running the cord would slide? Are these headphones just for working out? I dunno!!! But I like em and you can check em out over at Amazon Arrela 4.1 Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks for reading and as always… 

Stay Tech’d Up!!

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