BLACKBERRY…From Sugar to SH*T and it’s the Executive Team’s FAULT.

So for quite sometime now we experienced let down after let down after let down from RIM Blackberry phones.  Not because the phones don’t work well but because they refuse to remove themselves from the past.  My first true smartphone was a Blackberry; I loved that phone but not much has changed from that point…10 years ago.  So who do you look to when shit has gone awry, when things are not shaping up and the numbers are down?  The Executives, because inevitably they are in charge!  They make the tough calls and they give the head nod on progress, unfortunately nobody is nodding their head on progress over at BB.  How do I know?  Because NOTHING major has changed until recently…no not that stupid Passport phone but the BB Priv, where they incorporated Android system but with their security spot on security or so we thought…here’s where they failed AGAIN! 

1. It took Google to step in, in a attempt to rescue a once awesome company that was going down faster than the titanic with no corrective action, the Execs were gonna ride the whole thing to the bottom before Google.  

2. You took an awesome awesome AWESOME and priced it WAY too high! Then you come back not even a year later and admit that is was too high and drop the price $50 👈🏾 #DICKMOVE

3. While the phone was hella awesome the battery life struggled which further devalued the ridiculous price for the phone.  How did this happen when BB phones are known for battery life?!

4.  The BB Priv can’t be a awesome phone and you follow it up with a revised version of the BB Passport! #WTF guys! Are you retarded or something?! You followed up with a phone that looks like it struggles from OBESITY!!! #OyVey

Bottom line is RIM Blackberry business of smartphones suffer because everybody in their Executive cabinet is #Old and #Corny as fuck! They lack creativity, passion for the products, no signs of innovation other than what Google brought to the table, and last but not least… they are doing what old, corny fuckers do and that is refusing to #CHANGE. I love(d) RIM Blackberry and it’s frustrating to see the amount of negligence the brand is experiencing.  It’s not the market, it’s your Executive team! 

I tell you what, hire me as a design ambassador or member of the executive team I would do it for free! That’s how much I would hate to see BB meet its demise! Your executive team needs to be rejuvenated and revised, it needs some young innovation and #PASSION…that’s what they lack if you don’t believe me, follow the link below to see the executive team:

One of them looks like he get excited when he sees physics equations, and another looks like she specializes in tax evasion law, I mean really is this who we want making phones? 

 These are just my opinions alone, I would totally open to hear what our subscribers think and how you feel about this topic.  Take a gander and share!


Stan Da Man

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