Support. What exactly is it? 

Greetings Mizfits and new readers! Welcome back to/to our little piece of the internet where we talk a little bit about everything. This time I want it to be a little bit more interesting and I want you, the reader to actually drop your comments and opinions below and too us what you think. 

Support. This word is misused just as much as the word love. Sometimes the user has good intentions and sometimes it’s just to give that appearance of being someone that actually cares. No, this isn’t about me or any one person in particular, it’s about what I see on a daily basis in many different places on and offline. There’s so many different things that people have going on and it’s a natural feeling to want to reach out and get support from those that you thought were supportive of you. Support may be needed in a monetary form, a physical form or even just in the form of someone’s time. Every form of support branches of into many different directions. 

Money. You have people selling tangible items, people down on their luck, people from the “go fund me” crowd and then there’s the people that provide services. This may be one of the hardest forms of support to get…depending on who you know and how popular you are and in some cases it doesn’t even matter what the money is for or what the person may be offering. It’s just because it’s that person! I understand if there’s a service or item cheaper elsewhere and that’s what anyone would do, even the person offering the service or item. It just normal to look for savings. But, at what cost? Do you sacrifice quality for quantity? Do you buy the interior product from the popular person or the great product from the weirdo? Do you support the “friendly girl” and her Miami trip or the girl with the overbite and her chance to study abroad? It’s all about who you know. People can talk a good game though. When it’s time for that supoot, it’s a different story. 

Physical. Here’s a simple example of how this type of support can have the negative side like all the rest. I have some business cards. I don’t need them passed out, but maybe slide one to people whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now it’s back to who you know and who you are. People will smile, take the cards with no intentions on giving them to a soul. Why? Because you are who you are and they just wanted to have/give the appearance of actually caring. Of course anything physically strenuous isn’t support, it’s work and would require pay.

Last but not least, time. This is a tricky one. You would figure that a few clicks here and there on the internet would be simple and easy, specially to those that are online maybe 75% the day daily. That should be the easiest and cheapest form of support, but it’s not. It’s just like the other forms mentioned, it all depends on who you are and who you know. There’s nothing being sold and the time it takes for this type of support is pretty small. A click of  link, a viewing of a video or even a simple share. Those are all forms of support that doesn’t  cost a dime. Unfortunately there are people out there that simply don’t want to see you make it for whatever reason. People will watch and share fight videos all day, but won’t share a link for a YouTube video or a blog link. Why not? What’s the harm? A fellow Mizfit and myself both noticed this the other day. Our own family members and alleged “close” friends will click a link for some chick shaking ass before even thinking abot clicking our links that are actually informative. They may not be interested, that’s why it’s called SUPPORT, you do it to help! I’m a frugal dude and I still support people that need it financially where I can. 

So what’s the difference between choosing who you want to support and not? The difference is this…2 people that need the same type of support from the same crowd. They may not know each other, but they know the same people.  One person may be a bit more popular, but the ideas/items are the same. The least popular person will not receive the same amount of support from the same  crowd and that’s their choice which is fine. So what’s the problem? The problem is the fact that the same people will be your friend when you don’t need anything and tell you that they got your back when you need them. Why lie? Lol keep that shit real! That’s the problem with SUPPORT. 

As usual and until next time… 

Thanks for reading and #staytechdup

3 thoughts on “Support. What exactly is it? 

  1. From someone who has recently yet briefly been involved in online business, I fully understand this issue. I would post my business related topics or items and rarely get any feedback let alone a share or actual purchase from ppl I know personally. I post job postings on the regular and see minimal repost or shares. I don’t need a job but I know the unemployment rate so when I post job openings I do so in hope of it being spread to who needs it or to someone looking to better their career situation. The internet/social media are filled with real life followers and if you aren’t “poppin” you won’t get the support you’re looking for. However the internet/social media is a perfect tool to reach ppl around the world. With hash tags and forums such as this you can reach and draw the attention of ppl who have like interest. Everyone doesn’t understand the meaning of support, everyone doesn’t get that something as simple as a share on facebook could make a difference. You never know who will see it. If you don’t like a specific product, pass it along to someone who may


  2. I definitely know what you mean and at times I’m guilty of not giving things my time. It’s easy to justify why I can’t do something, whether for myself or for others. I try my best to get myself out of that and focus on the things that will better my surroundings as a whole. I’m one of those people that try to repost employment opportunities of spread the word about products I believe in. I think we all can do more but for myself, I try to make sure I champion the people that come across as worthy of the promotion. This post presents valid points and also forced me to be honest with myself. Respect. I hope one day I repost, share of shed light on someone or something that changes the world in a positive way. #Salute


  3. As a business owner, I also experience the same thing. I even have other entrepreneur friends that suffer from the lack of “support” as well when it comes to people they know. As we’ve discussed this, it seems that theit are just some people that are on lookers and only want to show support when it’s convent for them or they have something to gain. Whether they blame not being able to share a post on time, or purchasing your service deep down I believe it’s insecurity; having to admit to the person you know that you’re proud of them for “making it”. You would think it would kill them.

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