iEGrow Ultra Slim Clamshell Lightweight Keyboard Case for iPad Mini 4

Greetings Mizfits! It’s me again, Tech Life Guru 1 part of the #TechnicalMizfits and I’m here with another little review about a small piece of technology! Not too pricey, but pretty damn functional and it’s Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a case for Apple iPad Mini 4’s. It has a clam shell design with smart like cover so it’ll turn your screen off as soon as you close it. 
We literally just got this thing in the mail for review purposes and I haven’t even charged it yet. I’m actually composing this entry via the keyboard right now and so far, so good. It’s very fluent, responsive and makes typing a lot easier than with the on screen keyboard. We all know there’s tons of wireless/Bluetooth keyboards out there, from standalone types to folio case types to foldable mini keyboards and each time that I come across a new one the experience gets a little bit better. There are times when I may come across something that wasn’t honestly advertised and times when I thought it was what it wasn’t. But this time it’s a go!! The gold case pictured above is my wife’s case and I wanted to keep it, lol. But that didn’t happen and here I am with my own…and it’s black!  The last Bluetooth keyboard that I actually used frequently was the EmoijiWorks keyboard. You all may remember THIS thing. That keyboard was more fun than functional, it got the job done, it was just more fun while doing it. It worked, but it wasn’t strictly for iOS and that left a lot of unused keys for me. There’s more functionality on Android devices with the EmojiWorks keyboard for sure. Okay, enough about that one. It’s old news! This keyboard case that my wife stumbled upon fits my needs a lot better than any other Bluetooth keyboard I’ve tried. I’m sure those $100+ keyboards out there do much much more. The first one that we received was only $12.99 for review purposes. I liked it so I bought another one at the full price of $24.99. Not too bad for this for the quality and functionality and you can check it out on stupid ass I may not like them, but I’m not gonna pass up a good deal! Anywhow, here’s the LINK RIGHT HERE. Lol. Seriously though, Amazon and the USPS has it out for me!! 

Buuuuuuut, back to this keyboard again. It has pretty good battery life for usage and standby. It actually sleeps when it’s not used for a while or you can just turn it off with the switch. I forget to switch it off most of the time. Pairing it is a breeze because there’s a button that reads CONNECT. There’s also instuctions, but those are for sissies and females, lol. Charging doesn’t take long and you can use it while it’s charging with no issues or heating problems. 
There’s two things I don’t like about this keyboard and they aren’t deal breakers at all. The first thing is that there’s no backlights under the keys and the second is that there’s no battery level indication. You get what you pay for and for $24.99 you don’t get backlit keys or battery level indicator! Overall it’s not a bad piece of low end tech that does what it’s supposed to do. I recommend it to iPad mini 4 owners in need of a keyboard living that #BudgetLife! Lol 

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!!!

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