From Andy to iOS and back…

What up my fellow Mizfits? This is E, and today I am going to discuss my move from Android to iOS and making my way back. Before we get started, I want to preference that my move to each operating system was not due to issues with either.

I have been a avid Android user since the G1, so I watched the growth of Andy from a baby to the mature OS we have now. The reason I went to iOS was simply for a change of scenery so to speak. Once my iPhone died I decided to try Android again. There are some things that I found I really missed. Some things are obvious but most of them are subtle that I didn’t realize I gave up until I went back Android.

First feature I missed and in my opinion just better on Android is the share menu. When trying to share a photo for instance, on iOS you are presented with a few select pre-configured options.

See below.


This is not the case with Andy, once you hit the share button are you given the option to share the photo or item with anything loaded on the device including new apps just installed.


As you can see there are far more options with Android. Now I know this is not a big deal to most but for me options are always a good thing. Besides like I said before these are MY reasons. I almost forgot about the handcuffs of  iOS but I am free again!

The second feature I missed from Android and was reminded exactly why I was hesitate of switching to iOS in the first place. That beloved feature is a work FILE MANAGER. I never realized how frustrating this was until one day I was on my job and needed to change the name a of freaking photo. YOU CAN NOT DO THIS IN iOS…..well not without breaking out of the “walled garden”. In Android I can simply tap the “info” button and rename the file and be on my way uploading/sharing it as I like. With iOS I will have to upload it to Google Drive, rename the file, save it back to my device and then FINALLY upload/share it. This is too many DAMN steps. Time is money! Is this an awful solution? No, but why not cut out the middle man and just let me change the DAMN name Apple. This is one of the features that will make me continue with Android. I hope Apple does introduce it with iOS 10 but I’m not holding my breathe.

The last feature is a win for Apple. I can’t lie I miss the handoff and Airdrop feature on my iPhone. My God I really miss it. I have a 5K iMac, MBP, and an iPad Pro and being able to work on something on one device and pick right back where I left off on another is awesome. No matter how you slice it Apple got this feature right, it’s perfect. Yes it can be done….well sorta on Android but it is not as fast or fluid as it is on iOS. A lot of people look at this as a “gimmick” feature but forget that if you use it you will get used to it and become a part of your workflow. It’s hard to give it up especially when I have other Apple devices.

Bottom line, both OS had its ups and downs. I can honestly say I think my perfect combination is my iMac, MBP, iPad, and now my HTC 10 phone. Each allows me to work more proficiently and isn’t that the name of the game. Get shit done as fast as possible and get on with your day? Get whatever works for you basically mizfits.

Until next time #staytechdup


One thought on “From Andy to iOS and back…

  1. It’s cool that you had this feel of freedom with the HTC 10, it’s also funny because out of all the Android devices, the HTC One M8 that I had was the best Android device that fit me and it was awesome. I’m considering the Huawei P9 or HTC 10 as my new daily driver.

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