Ever showed a lot of interest in a particular product as a consumer but was hesitant to buy because you didn’t want to be disappointed, so you rush to your laptop or tablet to do as much consumer research as possible.  In your results you find that product got 4.9/5.0 ⭐️ stars, the reviewer is telling you how amazing this particular product is, how it’s beating everything else on the market, hell to the person reviewing it, it’s better than sliced bread! In disbelief, you decide to dig deeper and go to that trusty ol’YouTube. Why not right?! These are just simple guys like you and me who also had interest in the product but they have a rich technical background so you know these guys will be sticklers when it comes to critiquing the device or product… Or are they? Recently I’ve found myself in situations where I did my research, I looked at the specs, I visited tech sites, I checked many YouTube reviews on the product and then made my decision. The only thing is I didn’t get the same excitement and happy response as the reviewer did.  The product is nowhere near what I expected nor does it seem as helpful or easy as the reviewer made it out to be.  So then I thought “well, I am kinda hard to please so maybe it’s me”. The thing that sucks the most is I am out of hundreds of dollars which isn’t easy to come by and not only that but a new review of the same product only a month later drops, either from the reviewer or someone associated with the reviewer saying how the product really isn’t that great, how it’s not living up to its expectations and how there are far more superior products out for roughly the same price or less and now you are shock and trying to figure out WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED?!?! A month ago this was the best thing since sliced bread! Remember, Reviewer?! So you cuss and treat the product badly and now you have three options; sell it, give it away or let it sit with the rest of the let downs.  Now you are thinking, I’ve seen/read several of this person’s reviews and he does a good job so what happened? Wait! How did he get that phone when it just came out? How can he afford all these brand new pieces? That’s simple, because she/he was given those devices and while many are honest, many are nudged to give their review of product a much more positive edge, which is good for sales of the product, not so good for your pockets. While I understand there’s a lucrative industry for reviewing products I’m not a fan of glorifying things that are inglorious.  In my opinion as a consumer, before buying a product be very vigilant; ask butt loads of questions to the reviewers, check out the company and its past products, even wait awhile and then look at the customer reviews on retailer’s sites to get a truly HONEST review. These are all tips I think would most definitely help you with your hunt on the device or product that’s you are interested.  I hope it all works out for you and cheers you made it through another awesome read. 

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