Battery Resurrection…

What’s up Mizfits?! 

After trying to upload and post a video (hint: AT&T internet SUCKS!) that didn’t work well at all I figured that I would write a post which is great because I am much better writing then I am being in front of the camera.  But it’s cool let’s get right into the topic… Battery Resurrection! While cleaning out my man cave aka the garage I stumbled upon an old battery stuck in the corner.  The battery came out of my ’89 BMW e30 when I first got it almost a year ago and I took the battery out because it was dying. With me always practicing frugality I had a thought, “Maybe I can save this battery, but how?”. I went to my tool bag and pulled out my Fluke volt meter and tested the voltage on the battery. Sure enough the battery had a voltage output of about .30 and not 12V which it is rated for, I kept my fingers crossed and hooked the battery to my trickle charger which is designed to look for a potential output of voltage from the battery and if the voltage is sufficient enough it will begin sending small amounts of charge to slowly charge the battery without destroying the cell.  Sure enough it did not charge because this battery had absolutely no life.  But then I had a thought! What if I jump the battery? You know, the same way you would a car if it’s battery was dead?  Sure this battery may have only .30V but it may work.  I hooked the battery up to my car and I sent a charge of about 14V through the battery from the car.  I checked the voltage with my Fluke meter and confirmed the 14V.  After about 3 minutes removed the dead battery from the jumper cables and tested the voltage and Whoa! I now have a temporary charge of 12V on the dead battery!  I quickly took the battery over to my trickle charger and hooked it up to see if it would charge and BOOM! It did!  The once dead battery is now charging.  Now, will this battery ever reach 100%? Probably not but it may reach 50-80% and this process isn’t a fast one so I hope you have time and do not need the battery immediately, remember patience is key.  I hope that this helps someone and I know there will be some people reading this saying “I knew that” and that’s great! But keep in mind there are some people that did know that at all so relax. 

We at Technical Mizfits love to share the cool, the raw and the awesome! I hope I accomplished that today for someone reading this.  

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