Dream Desk….Planning Stage

Whats going on fellow Mizfits? For the past few weeks I have been planning to update my work space. The first step in doing so is upgrading my desk I have had for the past 5 years. This thing is OLD! It’s a really nice desk just from the years of wear and tear it is starting to show it’s age so to speak.

The Dream Desk project is just a small part of the bigger project of changing my studio around. I am a firm believer that my space has to be a certain way in order for my mind to work a certain way. I have so many aspects of my life and keeping them all in order starts with my work space and more importantly my desk.

Over the past few months I have slowly upgraded many components of my tech arsenal. I upgraded to the new iMac 5k computer from my older Hackintosh, new Sony 6300 from the beloved Canon 60D (yes I still have that camera), Canon pro Photo printer (I forgot the name of it), and various other camera/video equipment for my Youtube channel. The one thing that was still an eyesore to me  was my old desk.

So, recently I started looking for a desk and of course me being picky it took a while….a really long while. First I started with the actual desk and after many Amazon lists and a few trips to local office and furniture shops. I got really frustrated with the offers. Everything was so dark and traditional. In lack of a better description, they were all so damn boring! The desk was either not the right color, not sturdy enough, no storage space, or a mixture of all three. I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to look just seemed no one else shared in the vision.

With all that being said, I finally found the one that matches my style and personality. One that matched not only me but the overall design and theme of the upcoming studio. When I first started out I didn’t think finding a desk would be this hard, I just figured it was desk; a place to hold my stuff so just pick something. But that was not it, thus the name “Dream Desk” it has become a part of me and my mind. It will be ever changing and used as a tool just as all my tech and creativity that was flow from my head into these devices to bring awesome content. Yea, that name is fitting the Dream Desk….no spoilers, you will have to watch the video to find out which desk I bought.

Like I said we are still in the planning stages, but the desk and studio is coming….until we are done #staytechdup


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