The best on the market?  I don’t think so…

If you are a smartphone tech fan and looking to “upgrade” here’s a couple things you may want to consider.  Lately we’ve heard at least once every quarter of a new phone that has just been released and it, by the reviewers opinion is the “best phone on the market” to date.  Well, if you read my last post entitled REVIEW ON REVIEWS you would know by now that in my opinion…that’s total bullshit.  I think it’s safe to say in the smartphone market they are fresh out of ideas (right now) but the marketing teams are pumping out money to make sure you buy they same tech at a higher price.  Let’s briefly discuss some of these expensive short comings:

Huawei P9 ($660) 

  • No 4K recording
  • No image stabilization
  • Video isn’t sharp and colors are a mess
  • Leica double lens camera still can’t contend with iPhone 6 or Samsung 7
  • While photos are sharp the auto focus struggles at times
  • Low light performance struggles greatly
  • The value doesn’t equate to the price

Huawei P9 Plus ($800)

  • Basically it’s the same damn phone as the P9 except .3 inches larger and with a AMOLED screen that’s far from impressive.

OnePlus 3 ($400) 

  • This phone for the price is great BUT offering 6GB of RAM but only being able to use 3GB RAM is a bit of a buzz kill, I would feel cheated if I got this phone and found out I’m not getting its full potential.
  • Looks like everything else
  • Runs sluggish and struggles with high graphic games.

LG G5 ($690) 

  • Gimmicky modular adaptors
  • Removable battery (not a fan) I would rather see better life with one battery than carrying around a second battery.
  • Modules are more money and kind of pointless and more to carry.  
  • Interface could used some more life.
  • Metal back was covered with plastic that makes it feels cheap.

If this blog comes off as negative, that’s definitely not my intention.  My intention is to show that you can’t believe everything you hear and read and we should form your own opinion from those how are paid to tell you how great things are.  Also, if it’s a company’s duty to give you the absolute best; that bang for buck and they fall short even when the resources are readily available we need to address that.  Consumers push success and the way we make the success happen is by letting companies know that we think they can do better.  There are definitely more options and don’t get me wrong, these phone are still good buys, if you can get them for a deal but paying full price for the insufficiencies should be considered a crime…

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