Skynet…..ummm I Mean…Google

What’s up fellow Mizfits? I know it has been a long time since we have posted anything on the blog and I promise we will not leave you guys like we did this last time.

Today we are going to take about Skynet….ummm I mean Google. Let me explain. If you don’t know by now, Google has been flirting the idea of A.I., not Allen Iverson, but Artificial Intelligence. The names of Google’s A.I. bots are Eve, Bob, and Alice. Google has been experimenting with A.I. for a while but it was not until recently they made a breakthrough.

To give some background info the issue with A.I. is the latter part…intelligence. Normally a machine or computer is not capable of “learning.” I mean yes your iPhone and Android device of choice can remember your habits but that is initialized by an action you start. For example, you input your calendar event and the device will tell you when it is time to leave to get there on time. This is not “intelligence” it’s just reacting off info you provided and through a series of calculations it gives you a suggested action. This is not what happened with Google’s A.I.

As a test Google gave two of the bots a task, which was to communicate with each other without the other bot finding out. After a series of fails, about 10,000, the two bots were able to communicate with one another through encryption without the other bot knowing it. In short they learned to encrypt the conversation to hide it from the other. WHOA! DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID? This is some terminator type shit!


Remember in the movie the machines became “self-aware” which ultimately lead to them locking us out of the system for our own good. Google is the new Skynet! Lol, naw guys seriously this is impressive as well as scary at the same time. Having an A.I. that can learn would mean incredible things for us in so many ways. Imagine having nanobots injected in the human body that can change and learn based off what’s going on with the immune system and can help find a cure for Cancer or AIDS. Or something on simpler scale your iPhone or Android device actually knows when something is needed or not needed without your input at all…better internet of things, remember that article?

On the scary side is a full out nuclear war that is controlled by machines with human beings helpless to stop it without getting John Conner to travel back in time with The Rock to stop it all before it happens! I know I should be a Hollywood screen writer. Call me Paramount!

How does this make you guys feel Mizfits? Is it cool as hell or makes you want to return that new iPhone 7?

#staytechdup or not


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