Aulker Q7 BT Headset

Whats up mizfits, and Happy Thanksgiving for the ones that are out there celebrating the occasion. Today I am here to get a little bit of a jump on what is going to be the start of the holiday gift recommendations.

For a while I had gotten away from the bluetooth headset game mainly because they were too expensive for quality products and secondly, my vehicle has bluetooth built in, which is 75% of where I normally would use a headset.

I say all of that for you guys to understand where my mindset was when I was offered the opportunity to review the #Aposon Aulker Q7 headset. There are 3 things, and I promise to make them quick, that impressed me about these tiny wireless buds.

First, they are comfortable AF! I have super tiny ears and buds never fit me right, these hit the mark. The wings on them are soft and flexible. The tips are not too big to fatigue your ears as you listen nor are they too small where they fall out. Best fit I have had  in a really long time with headphones….well ear buds any ways.

Second…the battery life. The damn things last forever. I mean it. I didn’t charge them for  3 days and they made it with semi-heavy use. On the 4 day they died on me around 11a after I had used them starting at 6a. I mean hell I don’t think you could ask for much more. I mean you could but why?

Lastly, the price or lack there of. This headset is really a bang for your buck, a steal, cheap AF, or any other cliche phrase you can think of to describe the low cost.  They have a full range of sound and does not have too much bass or just overly high range. Its a nice middle ground and makes all your music sound as it should. They are not audiophile quality but seriously if you are an audiophile then price would be on top of your list and thus these would not be on your radar.

To sum it all up, these are some really good middle of the road headphones to listen to your music when at your desk, riding the train to work, or just drowning out the outside world. Best of all you get them all at a reasonable price. Definitely, gets the 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 from us here.

Link to purchase:




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