What to get the Technicalmizfit in Your Life for Christmas

What fellow Mizfits? This is E, and today I want to talk to those family members, friends, and significant others that say “I don’t know what to buy you for Christmas because you have everything.” Well for those of you that utter those words, here is a complete guide for what is acceptable to buy us Mizfits for the holidays.

First, let me start out by saying, and I think I speak for all Mizfits, even though we are the gadget-grabbers and early adopters in the family saying that it is hard to purchase a gift for us seems like a cop out. We most of the time don’t want you to purchase the tech we need in our lives, because what you think is cutting edge we already have tried it, wrote a blog, and recorded a review on YouTube for it. So when it comes to getting tech gifts for us, follow one simple rule….DONT DO IT. The only exception to this rule is when we specifically ask for it. Trust me, we will tell you exactly what to get.

Now that is out the way let’s talk about what is acceptable. Keep in mind this list is from a male point of view.

A gift that you can not go wrong with is white t-shirts. I mean undershirts. Whether is wife beaters, V-Necks, or crew neck tees, you can not go wrong. I mean I don’t know a guy that has ever said: “Man I don’t need no more damn white t-shirts!” So there you have it, simple and inexpensive gift. Some honorable mentions are underwear and socks. If you can get the hat trick of two of each then trust me that guy has had a great Christmas.Other honorable mentions in this category would be ties, belts, or hats.

If you have a tech person, then I would bet that there is something else that they are very passionate about. For most guys and myself is shoes. I love sneakers, so the second go to gift is shoes. I work a lot so I would love so really nice work boots or sneakers. This is normally a little more expensive, well at least I hope so, than a double pack of white tees. So of the go-to brands will be RedWings or Wolverines for boots and of course for the sneakers you can never go wrong with Nikes or Jordans. You can sneaker and take a look at the size and just pick up a nice solid pair of work boots. Not only will it be a gift that is loved but needed and a way to make sure whatever you bought will be used.

The final and easiest gift to pick up is the good old fashioned gift card. Food, gas, Best Buy, Walmart, or your local shoe store. The gift card is universal. You can guarantee that it will be used and used until there is nothing left. When you purchase a gift card don’t make the mistake of getting one to a place you would like, make sure you get one that the intended person would like to shop. Of course, you run the risk of the Mizfits just using or trading it for more tech. Lol.

Well, guys there you have it my gift guide for what to get the Mizfits that has everything. I hope you guys enjoyed and happy holidays.

Until next time #staytechdup


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