What Happened to the Mizfits??

What’s up? How has everyone been? Feeling good, feeling great I hope. I know it has been a long time since you have heard from your Technical Mizfits team and I want to be the first to apologize for the squad being M.I.A. Please believe that we didn’t say eff it and walked away, but we have been just living and enjoying life.

When this Technical Mizfits thang got underway every single one of us was at a pivotal point in our respective lives.  Stan da Man had just gotten married to his homie, lover, friend and is enjoying the newlywed life. Congrats and salute my dude, you and Amy were made for each other, do your thing.

Julian, my baby bro, had just landed a huge deal with a local NPR radio station in Cali and is producing shows as we speak right now. I am proud of you! I have been reading your articles and I am telling you my little brother is an amazing writer and equally amazing as a producer. Little fun fact, he has been writing since he could pretty much hold a pencil. He used to write his own Calvin and Hobbs comics has a kid, I mean with illustrations and all! Congrats on that as well. Love you, dude!

H, wow…my man H, what can I say? H or has y’all know him, Philli Mane, is the one person that I have known the least amount of time but it doesn’t feel that way. This is a STAND-UP GUY PERIOD! We have formed a friendship that I would have never thought could have happened, especially coming from the days of us having debates on Google Plus. H displays what it means to be a positive young Black family man in today’s society. This dude does whatever it takes to provide for the fam, and nothing but respect for that.

Lastly, we get to me. Well if I must be honest…life has literally kicked me square in the ass numerous of times the past few months, and dared me to get back up each time. I have gone through every possible emotion twice in the past few months. At the lowest, I have been super depressed to where only the 2 blessing in my life, one being only 2 months old, were the only things driving me to get out of the bed. BUT I MADE IT! That’s why I have to take the blame for us being gone for so long. I was the factor that was holding up the progress and I am sorry for that.

I said all of that to say, that we are back and we are not going anywhere. We are Mizfits but also humans like everyone else, we have highs and lows and we deal with them, and get back up to fight again. So get ready more things are coming and I promise we will not lose.


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