The new $200 Amazon Echo Look…available by invitation only! Are you invited? 

Ok Mizfits, TLG here and I wanna talk a little bit about this new thingy thing from Amazon. It’s basically Alexa with an eye (camera) and that means more conspiracy theories for some folks, while the selfie kings and queens get to take voice activated pictures from all angles. 

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Normally I’m here with the cheap stuff. This isn’t really considered cheap, but it’s not super expensive either. Do you really need it is what it boils down to. Now that I’ve gotten my budget disclaimer out of the way, let’s continue…

It’s Amazon’s hands-free camera and your own personal style assistant. The company’s catch phrase is, “Love your look. Every day.” and that might do it for some that may have been looking to jump on board the home automation train. Upgrade worthy though? Not in my opinion. 

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You would have to be seriously into fashion to upgrade from a regular Amazon Echo and that’s IF you can even get an invite right now. It’s advertised on Amazon’s website as a fashion assistant that learns your style and give you advice on what looks good and what doesn’t fit $199.99US. So where exactly is Alexa pulling the fashion tips and style info from? Wait, can I still call it/her Alexa? Lol, the Echo Look is said to get information from top fashion specialists! They didn’t manage to squeeze any actual names of designers or anything like that in there for the time being. Just know that your pictures are probably being sent to someone you don’t know and they’re going to help you get dressed. Probably a hot or not deal. HaHa. Cool. Right? 

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Nope. Not cool at all for the people that already think every device around is listening to them. Lol. How about you just continue to send pics to your friends asking them, “if this look alright?” or “does this fit right?” instead waiting to be “helped” by lord know who on the other end of that camera. I’m just saying it feels weird. Or just use the companion app provided. (Click the link below) 

Enters the debate about posting pics on social media and what the difference is…let’s discuss it in the comment section and go check the dang on thing out for yourselves! It’s around here somewhere! Echo Look Personal Assistant

As usual and until next time…

Thanks for the view and #staytechdup

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