iOS 10.3.2 beta 5 released by Apple today for developers. 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Heads up Mizfits of the iOS persuasion. Apple has released a 5th beta for iOS 10.3.2 today. While it may only be for registered developers, there are ways around that if you know where to look and what to look for! This release comes just a few days after the 4th beta dropped only a few days ago and there’s not really much of a change. 

There’s said to be a fix to the SiriKit car commands and that’s about it. Of course you’ll have the bug fixes and improvements that’s probably not really even noticeable right now. Although they may help developers iron out any issues with their apps. That just goes to show that Apple is just that much closer to releasing the official 10.3.2 firmware to the public. Soon! 

As usual and until next time…

Thanks for the view and #staytechdup

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