Does Amazon and Google have new competition with the rumored Apple smart speaker? 

Yo Mizfits!! TLG here with some quick tech news. I hope all is well out there in the digital world as it is on my end! Let’s get cracking…

I’m quite sure that we’re all familiar with home automation and smart stuff, right? No? Like smartphones, thermostats, lights, cars, speakers and the lists can get pretty long. Today we’re just gonna talk about the speakers that are smart and pretty helpful most of the time. Unless your a conspiracy theorist and part of the #StayWoke movement, then it’s just another spy. 

So far I’ve gathered info from a few places around the internet and social media that’s looking like this may be more than just a rumor. I wouldn’t find it hard to believe if Apple did show up to the party with a Siri based speaker that’ll probably run on some stripped down version of iOS. A few tweets over on Twitter mentioned by some random folks that the speaker will have some type of “Beats” technology embedded in it. I’m guessing it’ll be that chip and the way the connection tech works. I did say guess! 

Another smart speaker wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would just complete the ecosystem that people have come to love over time. That is one of Apple’s strong points after all. I’m sure Siri will control most of the functions and it’ll probably look similar to the smart speakers already on the market today. Keep in mind that these are all speculations and nothing has been written in stone. The more I find out, the more you guys will know! 

As usual and until next time…

Thanks for the view and #staytecdup

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