Why I’m an iPhone User

What’s up fellow Mizfits? Hope you all are enjoying your evening. If you guys are techies, which most of y’all are, you know this is the 10 anniversary for the beloved iPhone and we expect that Apple has something amazing up its sleeve for this year’s phone. I have been following the leaks and reports and to be honest I really don’t know if I am disappointed or impressed. With that being said, it got me thinking, “Why do I use an iPhone?” After some pondering I realized there are 3 main reasons.

Reason number 1: It Works!

I know, it’s cliche but it’s also an accurate statement. I am not a phone gamer nor do I keep tons of apps on my phone, I am what I call a minimalistic power user. I use email, phone calls, text and IM, and camera 75% of the time and the other is split between social media and various other apps.  The catch for me is, when I use these apps I use them all day, I mean all day! The battery life on the iPhone is arguably second to none. When I open an app it rarely crashes. I don’t have issues with internet or call quality. Like I said the phone just works. Period! Being a business owner that is super important to me. So damn the cliche it’s an absolutely accurate statement.

Reason number 2: iMessage

As weird as it may seem, iMessage is a big reason of why I am still an iPhone user. It more than just the joy of making funny of the green and blue bubbles. Its part the integration of iMessage from device to device and the shear power of what can be done with iMessage. Just the other day I sent TLG a video clip, full HD I might add, and iMessage was able to handle it and achieve a pretty damn good playback. That is something that I have yet to find on Android, and certainly not natively. Just face it when it comes down to messaging Apple has unlocked the highest achievement thus far.

Reason 3: Ecosystem, Ecosystem, Ecosystem

The most import and easiest reason, at least for me, to stick with Apple and the iPhone is the ecosystem. I love being able to start something on my phone or iPad and pick it up any time from whatever device is close to me. I personally own an iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone 6s Plus, MacBook Pro, and an AppleTv. So you can see that I am heavily invested in the ecosystem, and the simple thing of just keeping up with the count on my song playlist or working on this blog from device to device, just making my life so much easier. Don’t get me wrong I love Google services and still use them on my iPhone but the hardware of Apple is second to none for what I do everyday.

So fellow Misfits, what is your reason for using the iPhone or Android devices of your choice? Is it the ecosystem or just because its the new thing for right now? Let me know.

Until next time, #staytechdup!


One thought on “Why I’m an iPhone User

  1. Great and to the point. All your points are valid. I went back to Apple because the “other” phones were having serious reliability issues and the other ones were ugly. Besides a black screen every blue moon I enjoy my iPhone.

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