Dear Apple,

Fellow Mizfits I wanted to take this time to pen a letter to Apple. On the heels of the new iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone X or whatever the hell it will be called, I have taken time out to tell Apple what I would want in their latest edition of the iPhone. So without further delay….

Dear Apple,

First, let me start out by saying please stop with all the weird ass commentary about how the new iPhone is 117% faster than the old one, and how this is the best iPhone yet. I mean that is all to be expected. It’s a NEW damn phone, and therefore it should be faster and the best one yet. Also in the same breath allow me to say that I don’t care about how the battery works or the shape of it, just make sure I get better usage than I do now.

Now the most important item that I would really love in my new iPhone is a bigger, nicer, and richer screen. We all have seen the Galaxy S8+ and are secretly jealous of that amazing screen it has in such a small footprint. Apple this is not up for debate I want a gorgeous front display with very minimal bezels. Make it seem as if I’m holding my Instagram photos in my hand. I think all the memes I double tap on will be a lot funnier if you are able to do this. Thanks!

Next, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN about IP68 or whatever the latest rating for the phone. If I can play my trap music playlist in the bathroom with worrying about my phone then cool. I do, however, care about how much storage is on my device. Whether I want to keep my entire music collection, photos/videos of my children, or those all important memes I mentioned earlier, please give me the space to be able to do so. I don’t want to have to make the decision of deleting my favorite pics of my kids or that crying Micheal Jordan face meme that I have not had the chance to share with all my friends. In simpler terms, I better not see another 16 or 32 GB iPhone in 2017!

Third, here are my list of demands: Wireless Charging, TouchID under the screen, Better Siri, and AirPods included with every iPhone. End of discussion.

Lastly, please do not try to convince us that a new “feature” of iOS 11 is new or redesigned emojis! 😡 I don’t use all the ones we have now! You can, however, allow iOS 11 to have an actual file manager, where I can choose how I want to interact with my content instead of you guys telling me how to do it. Thanks, I knew you guys would understand.

Apple if you follow these simple guidelines I think you all will have a successful launch of the new iPhone and all your loyal customers will be so thankful.

P.S. Make sure there are enough this year to purchase, last year launch of the 7 was horrible.



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