The Perfect Tech Car….from E.

Whats going on my fellow Mizfits? How are you guys enjoying the final days of May? I personally love graduation season. The weather is getting hot, people starting new chapters in their lives, and everyone is buying/looking for new rides. Now you all know I am a sucker for a sweet ride. For me, it is all about performance and tech when I am looking to add a new ride to the stable. Tech, a lot of times, outweighs some performance but got me to thinking; how much tech do you guys want in your cars? Is it something that can make or break your decision to purchase? What devices are a must-have for you to enjoy your daily commute? Here is my opinion of what tech is needed and wanted in an automobile.

As a public service announcement, we are not gonna discuss the Tesla in this article, partly because it not fair due to it is the ultimate car right now when it comes to technology.

First thing first, since I’m a father now…safety is most important. There are so many new high-tech features in vehicles now designed to keep you and your loved one safe. One of my favorites is the predictive forward collision warning/stopping. If you are not familiar, this is the technology that use a camera mounted in front of the car to “look” sometimes two cars ahead to predict a potential front collision. This has been available in several luxury models but now it is making it’s way to your “everyday” vehicles. This is a piece of tech that I think is one that everyone should opt in for and hopefully become standard in the near future. Anything that improves your reaction times has to be a good thing, right?


Where do you spend most of your time when you are driving your vehicle, inside right? So the next piece of tech that I feel is an absolute must have must be a nice infotainment system. This is personally for me the most important feature for any vehicle. The infotainment comprises of the navigation, sound system, and HUD (if equipped). One of the best of navigation units, in my opinion, is the BMW i-Drive system. This tech is simple, elegant, and has all the specialized features that the driver needs. BMW sound systems are really nice with a good balance of sound and perform great no matter what the source of the tunes. A great infotainment system makes the driver comfortable and can get to the places that is needed in a fast manner all while keeping all passengers in the vehicle entertained. It’s your connection to the outside world as you make your commute. I good system can also make or break a purchase for me as well.


The third piece of technology that will complete my trinity resides with the performance of the vehicle….the power-train….that’s the engine and transmission for my ladies. The one car that seems to check all the boxes is the Cadillac CTS-V. The tech that in this power-train is something that belongs in a supercar…well that is because IT IS the same as the Corvette. Its a V8 pumping 640 HP with 630 lb-ft torque. In simple words this thing is tame enough to drop the kids off at school but hauls ass down the freeway heading to work, all while sounding like a demon trying to break out from underneath it. It’s is truly a marvel of tech to cramp that type of power into a naturally breathing motor. The tranny can hold all of this power and get it to the road, 630 torque is stupid! It also has the magnetic ride system so it still feels like a Caddy when you want it to and a Formula 1 race car when you feeling more daring.

Now before I close this entry out, I know what you guys are thinking, E, that car does not exist. You’re right, but that’s the fun, each person that reads this will have a different set up of what is important to them. This is just my list of can’t live without tech. I leave it to you guys to mash up the car of your dreams. These are just some of my favorites. Until next time….



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