TRAYVAX… It’s a big HELL YEAH for me!

Good Day Ladies, Gents, Cats, Ducks, Chickens and Fish!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an opportunity to post to our illustrious site but no worries because as you can see my fam E.L. the God and Philly’s own H the Great have been holding down the fort in phenomenal fashion.  For most of you all that don’t my profession I am a Field Service Automations Engineer, what does that have to do with this post? A Lot! Here’s why.  For the past 6 months I have been working 76 – 80 hour work weeks on a special project in some of the harshest conditions; bending awkwardly, in confined spaces, rough terrain, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, 100 degree days and along the entire way I’ve had my Travax Contour in my pocket.  Still a little fuzzy as to how this correlates? No worries, I got you! In that 6 months time frame I have destroyed 9 shits and 3 pair of jeans; one pair of the jeans that met it’s doom were Carhartt.  If you’ve never worn Carhartt they are made for people who work in rough conditions like I do and they don’t budge, they will get dirty but they are tougher than your grandma’s tits serving in WWII, yeah I know that is tough.  Anywho will all that being said, the Trayvax Contour was in those pockets the entire time and has held up nicely!  Now let me say this before we go forward, Trayvax did not pay me one damn dime to say any of this, hell they probably have no idea who I am outside of my purchase of the wallet. With that out of the way let me tell you what I do like and don’t like about the Trayvax Contour and then we will explore how I got here.  Below you will find my bullet list of Hell Yeahs (Pros) and Hell Nos (Cons):

Hell Yeah

  • It’s dope! (It is very nice looking and stylish)
  • It’s feels good
  • Premium materials
    • Leather is top notch
    • Metal is nice and well thought out
  • Tough as shit!

Hell No

  • The price: $160.00
  • Anything less that 4 money notes and it can fall out of holder
  • The price: Holy shit I can’t believe I paid $160.00 for a wallet.
  • 13 cards is absolute max capacity for the larger size.

Ok, So how did I get here to the Trayvax Contour? Well… this isn’t my first stylish low profile wallet, not at all.  In fact the first low profile wallet I had was the RIDGE wallet.  The RIDGE wallet cost me about $65 + shipping and it was basically composed of 2 RFID plates held together by 3 elastic bands with a money clip.  The RIDGE wallet was cool…but taking a card out was an experience and kind of awkward when attempting to pay for something.  Not to say the RIDGE was bad I just felt it was not for me.  All in all I am a fan of the Travvax series of wallets and while mines was kind of on the expensive side for a bare minimal wallet I am super happy with my purchase and could not ask for a better wallet quite honestly.  It’s big enough for 13 cards, small enough to fit in a leg or front pocket with no problems, it durable, and very cool to look at.  FOR ME, it’s the perfect wallet and I am not looking into the future for what can I get next, I feel this is thee wallet for me for the long haul.

I hope this mini review helps someone make a decision on their purchase, obviously it’s a good wallet from the praise given to it in this post and trust I am hard to please in most cases so take my word when I say it’s a hell of nice wallet you just have to figure out if you want to pay $160 for a wallet or not.  If you like this post please give it and all the others on our site a thumbs up and please comment we encourage the dialogue.  If you don’t like this post… act like you never saw it and GO FU-  (wait I can’t say that to these nice people.) Scratch that last part, give me some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism I am always trying to get better.

Peace and Blessings from Stan Da Man!

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