For the Culture?

What going on my fellow Mizfits? How are you guys enjoying the first days of fall? Can y’all believe we are already about to hit the holiday season in a few months? Now we got all the pleasantries out the way I got some stuff that weighing heavy on my chest and I think its fitting for what we are going through in this America.

Let’s go ahead and get the elephant out the room, being BLACK in America today is equally as hard as it was 70 years ago. Everyday we turn on the radio, tv, Twitter, IG, or whatever your choice of social media or news we see people of color being mistreated. They are KILLING US without any consequences. Not to mention, we have a president that is more interested in exchanging racial slurs and blows with people on Twitter than addressing the issues with this Nation. With all of that said, after all of the fear I have when walking out my door as a black man, and the stress of teaching my daughters to be PROUD to be BLACK, I have one thing that bothers the hell out of me.


Now don’t get me wrong, I do not have an issue when the phrase is used correctly. Let me explain.

Let break down this word of culture. The dictionary lists the meaning as follows: the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Read that again, and one more time for good measure. Every word hold significance.

When it is stated, “Do it for the culture!” make sure it is something that will enrich the group of people intended. Whether movies, music, regular 9-5, or sports, doing it for the culture, and in this case, Black Culture should be for the advancement of intellectual achievement.

What Ali did in his time, when his people were being oppressed was FOR THE CULTURE. Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the flag of a country that is killing black men and women like it’s open season is FOR THE CULTURE. Kalief Browder not taking a plea deal, and remaining in jail to protect his innocence is FOR THE CULTURE. When you stand in the face of bigotry, hate, and teach your family that being BLACK is beautiful is FOR THE CULTURE.

Making party music, cooning, shucking and jiving, and showing just how much of a NIGGA you can be for a little bit of money, is NOT FOR THE CULTURE.  Using your art or other manifestations for anything other than the INTELLECTUAL achievement of your collective people is NOT FOR THE CULTURE.

This post is FOR THE CULTURE! Pay attention.



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