Vero – True Social. Is it better than Instagram??

Join me on Vero!

Wow!! The Mizfits are still around! Yes, we are and although it has been a little while…we’re still around! Between family, work, work and life…it gets a little hard to focus on the hobbies and side activities. Lol, I haven’t even been flying my drone!!! Anyways I wanna talk about a new, well sort of new social media network. When I first heard about Vero – True Social, I thought it was just another Instagram type of application. So of course I started googling stuff and asking people if they heard about it. Most people never heard of it, some had already started using it, and most just don’t wanna leave Instagram or go through setting up another account. The biggest issue with this is probably gonna be getting everyone to use it. If you hate the way Instagram took the feed and jumbled it up, then you’ll love Vero! You’ll also love the fact that there’s no ads either.

Sort of new? Yup! I came across an article online from 2015 that talked about this exact app and how it was made to put relationships first. What happened? Did you hear about this app a few years ago? Where the hell was I? Did I brush it off as just another Instagram wannabe app? Who knows!?!? In the article they talked about it being a subscription service after the first year. Maybe that killed it right there. This time round they’re offering it “free for life” to the first one million users everyone that joins between now and later.

Due to an overwhelming demand for this app there was quite a few unhappy users that wanted to give it a go. So here’s the company’s gift to the new users until whenever. I downloaded and installed the app today, March, 3rd, without incident. Everything went smooth and setup was done in a few minutes. The first thing that I did was shared my profile with Instagram and told everyone to go check it out. I’ve gained 2 followers since -_- lol. But that’s expected when a new platform tries to join the ranks.

Actual usage. I like it. I like it a lot. It refreshing and it’s in order! Yes, chronological order! There aren’t any ads (for now), there’s no fees (for now) and it’s in ORDER!!! Those alone are reasons to become early adapters of Vero. I haven’t seen a live video or story section yet and I’m sure those features will make their way soon. Maybe they won’t and it might just make this app stay different. So far its better than Instagram just because of how content is shared.

There’s six different posting choices so far and they’re all options that many current Instagram users could use. You can post a linked image that’s clickable and will send you to that links content. No more having to write the site in the caption for people to see.

Don’t just share a picture of what you’re listening to, send the actual song! You can play the song just by clicking the image and then go back to scrolling your timeline…in chronological order. Lol. The same thing goes for books and movies/TV posting. The posts are kinda interactive to a point. Clicking most post will result in more than just a like of the post.

There’s even an introduction setting for your new friends and followers. Check out our fellow Mizfit E, that joined Vero today as well! Join us!

In a nutshell, Vero could be a the next big thing or it could flop. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up following the guidelines of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. There’s more features in the app, but I just wanted to tell you guys about the first few that really caught my attention. People complain about a lot of things that Instagram changed over the last year and now there’s an answer to some of those complaints. So, are you gonna give it a try? Let us know! Drop a line or 3 in the comments and let us know what you think if you’re already using it too!

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