About the Mizfits

IMG_1552   Julian “JB” Burrell

Julian Burrell is a public radio producer in Southern California for KPCC, NPR’s most listened-to radio station in the country. He produces conversations and stories for broadcast that center around pop culture, technology and breaking news for the programs AirTalk and Take Two. His interests in technology are centered around the impact that it has on our every day lives; whether that means escapism like video games or improving quality-of-life in extreme ways like bio-hacking.


IMG_1539    Harold “H.” Perlote

 In May of 2009 I spent almost half of a paycheck for a used laptop and a cell phone. I started out making ringtones and wallpapers and from there I went on to experimenting with Java, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), software modifications and general tweaking of software for an overall better user experience. Today I am a father and husband that just loves all things technology. I love fixing technology. I love making it better. I want everyone to have a great experience with the technology that they depend on everyday. Specializing in, but not limited to Android and iOS platforms from phones to tablets and mobile OS based laptops. I’ve also developed a fetish for mobile accessories over the years, so you’ll probably be hearing a lot about those kinds of things from me! 

Business website

IMG_1535    Erran “EL” Lawler

Erran J. Lawler is a 29-year-old native of Talladega, Alabama. He graduated with honors from Talladega High School in 2002, and immediately enrolled at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2006 Erran completed the University Honors Program and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science. After Graduation, Erran relocated to Birmingham, Alabama, where he dreamed of pursuing a career as an attorney. Due to a personal change of events while working as an IT specialist with a popular electronics company, Erran decided against becoming an attorney, and turned his focus to his true passion, computers and technology.

Erran fell in love with technology at the age of 7 when he received his first computer as a Christmas gift from his father. Over the years, his fascination and love of computers has turned into a passion for all types of technology.  Fondly known by his family, friends, former co-workers, and clients as “The Tech Guy”, Erran has worked very hard over the years to hone his craft.  In 2009, Erran took a leap of faith, invested his entire life savings, and started Lawler Computer Consultants LLC.

Business website

IMG_1538   Stan “Da Man” Mitchell

Stan hails from Atlanta, GA. He is an avid photographer and film creator. For the past 10 years he has made a solid career as a Service Engineer for one of Atlanta’s premier companies. Stan is a self proclaimed  80’s & 90’s movie snob.  Stan, like all the rest of the crew loves technology without any apologies. He is the renaissance man of the Mizfits.



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